Keltoi bracelet - 33-G

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Meanings of the 3 celtic beads:

1. The Celtic Knot stands for "no beginning, no ending, the continuity of everlasting love and binding together or intertwining of two soul or spirits.

2. The single spiral may represent growth, birth or an expansion of consciousness. Other meanings: Balance, progress, direction, initiation, centering, expansion, awareness, connection, journeying and development

3. The Celtic spirals of the celtic shield stands for continuous growth and unity and oneness of spirit. The gaps between the spirals stand for the gaps between life, death and rebirth. More specifically, the symbol also stands for eternal life.

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··········· DESCRIPTION ···········
- First quality Spanish leather 2mm
- Leather is braided by hand
- High quality antique silver plated
- Strong and secure clasp
- All materials are made in Spain

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