Reward Program

How Do I Join the Program?
At the right side of every page there is s red Reward Program button. Click the button.

There are 2 choices - Create an Account or Join.  If you have a “dstello” account already, then choose Join.  If you do not have a store account click Create an Account.  This will create both a “dstello” store account and Rewards Program account.

How Do I Earn Points
Every time you make a purchase simply log into your “dstello” account. Your rewards points will be automatically credited to your account. (There is no further need to log into your rewards program.)

How Do I Earn Points?
Simply click the rewards program button and login. Your points are displayed at the top.

Can I Claim Points On Past Orders?
If you would like us to look at your purchase history and add points for past purchases, we would be happy to do so. Email us at dstello(at)

Tips for Earning More Reward Points:
There are 7 other ways to earn points. So take advantage. One great way to earn lots of points is by referring your friends. Its a win / win. You get 500 points and your friends get 10% off their first order.