Ouroboros python bracelet 142-M

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The ouroboros has several meanings. Foremost is the symbolism of the serpent biting, devouring, or eating its own tail. This symbolizes the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death. The ouroboros eats its own tail to sustain its life, in an eternal cycle of renewal.

Each bracelet is completely unique, there are warm grays, a few dusty blacks and white tones interlaced throughout. A bracelet like this is hard to find, and it is clearly hand-made by one of our true master craftsman. Looks so cool that it might hiss!

♦ ··········· DESCRIPTION ··········· ♦
- A 100% authentic Python snake skin
- Backed with Spanish leather to add durability
- High quality antique silver plated
- Strong and secure hammered clasp
- All materials are Made in Spain

Color of Python snakeskin may vary slightly from picture, each snake's skin is uniquely beautiful.

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